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Jul 03 2012

NAVCA welcomes ‘Civic Enterprise’ Report

NAVCA has warmly welcomed the report of the Commission on the Future of Local Government being launched in the House of Lords today (Tuesday 3 July). The report looks at the role of local government in the 21st century and focuses on encouraging civic enterprise. The report defines social enterprise as making councils being more enterprising and providing the leadership that enables their partners to become more civic, and citizens more engaged.

Rather than just produce a report outlining difficulties and possible solutions, the commission has secured a range of commitments to action from some organisations, including the CBI, TUC, JRF, 2020 Public Services Hub, IPPR North, INLOGOV, ADASS and NAVCA. NAVCA is committed to identifying and championing great examples of civic enterprise and civic entrepreneurs from the voluntary sector.

Joe Irvin, NAVCA’s Chief Executive, said;

“’NAVCA and our members really value our strong links with local authorities. Some of the best things we achieve are achieved in partnership, which is why we are so pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Commission.”

“We share the belief of the Commission that people change places. We also believe that we need to do more to encourage and help the movers and shakers of communities, the people this report calls civic entrepreneurs.”

“People set up and run local charities and community groups because they are motivated to improve their community. We are going to collect the best examples of this so we can highlight the important work of local charities. We also want evidence of how local councils help these people – and how they, sometimes inadvertently, stop them achieving more.”

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