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May 23 2012

Warwickshire Olympic torch carriers get free torch thanks to NAVCA member

Olympic torch carriers in Warwickshire are to be allowed to keep their Olympic torch for free, thanks to a campaign led by a NAVCA member, Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs (WAYC). The County Council has agreed to pay for the torches of all 23 local flame carriers.

WAYC started the campaign after learning that young people were to be charged to keep their Olympic torches. Flame carriers were being asked to pay £199 each (plus an extra £39 for a stand). WAYC were concerned that many of those picked to carry the torch through the county’s towns are younger people who would struggle to afford the cost.

William Clemmey, Chief Executive of Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs, said;

“This is a great gesture by the County Council and great news for the local flame carriers. I was of course shocked to learn people carrying a torch would have to pay for the privilege of keeping their torch. I felt that it penalised young volunteers. I hope that councils in other areas follow this lead set by Warwickshire County Council”

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive of NAVCA, said;

“Our members are at their best when they are campaigning for local people. Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs has made a mark with this campaign and I hope that NAVCA members in other areas take notice. I hope that other local authorities or local businesses can step forward and help volunteers, especially young people, who may not be able to afford the cost of the torches.”


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